Trading at Swancon 40

Market Day and Trader Pass Information

At Swancon 40 the designated Market Days are Friday and Saturday, 3rd and 4th of April, 10am-5pm.

Delivery of trader stock will be accepted from 3pm-6pm on the Thursday and from 9am-10am on the Friday and Saturday of the Convention. To arrange bump-in of your stock through the loading dock or deliveries out-of-hours, please contact the convention registration desk.

Pro-Traders are defined as traders that don’t have Swancon memberships and will be allocated traders passes that grant access for the Market days only.
Pro-Trader passes cost $120 per table per day, payable at the beginning of the day or via invoice.

Fan-Traders are defined as Swancon attendees with regular memberships that are upgraded to enable participation as traders for the Market Days.
Fan-Trader passes cost $40 per membership upgrade per day (payable at the start of each trading day).

Trader tables are trestle-style, with the dimensions 1.85m x 0.75m.
The cost for extra table hire is $120 each for both Pro and Fan Traders. Trader stock displays (eg: free-standing clothes racks) that displace an area in the public-accessible trading area equal to more than half the dimensions of 1.85m x 0.75m will attract extra table charges.

Trader membership passes and trader upgrade passes are now officially open. Please email with your expressions of interest and for further information.

Swapmeet and Auction

This year Swancon 2015 is trying something new! Given the way the Auction has been growing over the last few years, we are separating out the needs of the Auction from the needs of our community, and splitting the Auction into two. The Auction will now be a Fundraising Auction. If you wish to donate items for the auction, all proceeds will be going to the Fan Fund or Convention of your choice.

If you have items you would like to sell, there will be a Fan Swapmeet to be held on the morning of Sunday, 6th of April in the Golden Ballroom South section. The Swapmeet will be open for 3 hours: 10am to 1pm – the Golden Ballroom South section opens at 9:30am to allow participants time to set up. You can hire a blanket sized square of floor for $10, and a free space will be provided for people wishing to fundraise for a Fan Fund or Convention.
Feel free to bring along any items of fannish nature as well as books, toys, souvenirs, and knick knacks.

As this is a new venture, there may be some teething problems. Please email us of your concerns and questions on and we’ll be happy to help out.

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Published: 12:59 on Jan 15, 2015
Last Updated: 12:50 on Apr 02, 2015