Art Show and Competition

Swancon 2015 is pleased to invite entries for this year’s Art Show, on the theme “40.”
Entry registration details may be submitted by e-mail or post and must arrive by 26 March 2015. Entry fees are payable at the beginning of the show.

Swancon is a celebration of creativity in all its different forms, and the Swancon Art Show is an opportunity for members of the Swancon community to display and sell original works of art in any medium: pencil, paint, leather, lace, plaster, CG, paper and steel. Everyone has the capacity to create something interesting; everyone is an artist.

Swancon also features other competitions and display opportunities for the under-12s, comic artists, fanvidders, short fiction writers, cosplayers, costumers, model makers, toy makers, and hobbyists.

General Information for Audience

Audience members may not photograph or video the Art Show without the express permission of the organisers and artists.

Audience entry is free to all Swancon members.

Swancon Art Show Information and Entry Guidelines

The theme for this year is “40.” and the show runs over two days of the convention. Preference will be given to works that reflect this theme, although it is not compulsory.

All submitted works are eligible for both Judges and People’s Choice awards, with a separate category for the under-12s. Works by West Australian artists and displayed for the first time may also be eligible for a West Australian 2016 Tin Duck award.

Artists may put their works up for sale via a silent auction and may specify their own minimum price. Works attracting 5 bids will be auctioned at the close of the show.

Art Show Rules

, General Information for Artists

Entry is open to all, although preference will be given to members of Swancon 2015.
All artists must reserve space in the show by submitting a registration form and paying a registration fee for each entry.
Registration forms must be received by 26 March 2015.
Although multiple entries are allowed, space is limited so we will accept entries on a first-come-first-served basis, and the organisers reserve the right to limit an artist to reasonable numbers of entries. 

If you are unable to attend the show in person, you may submit your entry by mail, although additional conditions apply. 

You must state on the entry form if the piece is an original or a reproduction.
Reproductions or prints from digitally created works are allowed, though only one copy of any particular piece may be hung. All work must be the original work of the artist. All reproduction rights remain the property of the artist. 

Works judged by the organisers to be offensive or libellous will not be permitted in the show. If you are in doubt as to whether your work is acceptable, please contact the organisers in advance. Swancon reserves the right to refuse any entry for any reason it sees fit.

Submitting work by mail

All mailed-in art must reach the specified delivery address (NOT the venue or convention address) before 26 March 2015.

The delivery address for mail-in art is:
Swancon 2015 Art Show

21 Francis St, Bayswater WA 6053 

Art Show Registration Form

Registration deadlines and submission guidelines are the same as for general entries. 

Packing materials should be reusable. Include sufficient funds for return postage and insurance with your entry fee and mail-in fee. 

Please specify in writing the return service you would like such as airmail or surface mail.

All mailed in art should include a diagram of how you wish your artwork to be displayed.

If your display requirements change or if you decide to cancel your reservation, please contact us as soon as possible. This will allow us to notify artists on our waiting list.

Display Regulations

All submitted works must be ready to display, mounted, or framed. They must be finished and dry. No finishing touches will be allowed during the course of the show, although permission may be sought from organisers if repairs are required.

All artwork must be clearly labelled with the artist’s name and contact phone number. If possible, please also include e-mail and postal addresses. All artwork must be able to withstand reasonable, careful handling.

 Once entered into the show, the conditions of sale may not be changed.
Once on display, no work may be withdrawn before the end of the show.
Flat art work will be hung from one or more hooks on vertical panels (e.g. fabric-covered office partitions). Lightweight flat works may be attached to panels with adhesive velcro dots (supplied). Artists may hang their own work or allow the organisers to do this.

Three dimensional (3-D) works will be placed on tables. Small items such as jewellery will ideally come with their own display case. If you cannot arrange a display case, please inform the art show directors well in advance. Multiple 3-D pieces—not necessarily by the same artist—may be displayed on the same table and all care will be taken to ensure the works are displayed to the advantage of each piece.
Artists may also bring their own display setup, but will be required to set up the display themselves.

Financial Matters

The fee to enter the show is $3 per work for display only, and $5 for works offered for sale. These fees help to offset room, display, equipment and handling costs.
An additional handling fee of $5 will be charged for each entry submitted by mail.

Swancon will collect all sales revenue and distribute the proceeds to the artists by cash or cheque. Payments will be finalised no more than six weeks from the end of the convention. 

If you mail your artwork in and it is not sold or collected from the show, you must provide payment to cover the costs of return postage and ensure packaging is reusable.

Artists are responsible for their own insurance.

Checking in

Delivery times are the Thursday evening of the convention from 5pm to 10pm. Come to the Swancon registration desk at the convention venue for directions to the Art Show room.
Please assist the organisers by providing your entry fees in exact change.
The organisers will show you to your space and provide you with a bid sheet if your work is for sale.  

Please take all packaging to the designated storage area. Place it together in a neat pile with your name clearly marked on it.

Checking Out

Please be present at the advertised closing time.

 You will be given a list of sold work and how much each sold for. Unhang and repack any unsold artworks, and have a nice trip home.

Cheques will be posted out within six weeks.

Contact Information

For more information please contact Sorsha Roberts

The delivery address for mail-in art is:
Swancon 2015 Art Show

21 Francis St, Bayswater WA 6053 

Art show Competition Entry details
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