Ditmars and other national awards

The award ceremony for achievements of Australian writers and artists in science fiction and fantasy will be held during the 54th National Australian Convention – Swancon 40 at 7:30pm on Sunday 5th April. All members are invited to cast a vote and attend the ceremony. 

Ditmar Awards

The Ditmar Award has been awarded annually since 1969 at the Australian National Science Fiction Convention (the “Natcon”) to recognise achievement in Australian science fiction (including fantasy and horror).

Voting for the Ditmars has been extended for one week. Voting will now remain open until one minute before midnight Perth time, Sunday, 29th of March, 2015 (ie. 11.59pm, GMT+8).

Voting is open to all members of Swancon 40 (including supporting members) and to members of Continuum 10 who were eligible to vote in the 2014 Award. All eligible voters are urged to take part in the voting.

Information about the ballot and voting

Vote for the 2015 Ditmar Awards

For any further questions please contact the Ditmar Subcommittee ditmars@sf.org.au.

E Bertram Chandler Award

In 1991 the Australian Science Fiction Foundation (“ASFF”) set about establishing a new award for Outstanding Achievement in Australian Science Fiction.
Unlike the Ditmars, this award is decided upon by a jury and, although nominally an annual award presented in conjunction with the Natcon, is not necessarily presented every year.

Norma K Hemming Award

The Norma K. Hemming Award marks excellence in the exploration of themes of race, gender, sexuality, class and disability in the form of science fiction and fantasy or related artwork or media produced either in Australia or by Australian citizens. ASFF launched this award at Aussiecon 4 in 2010. It is also presented in conjunction with the Natcon, but is not necessarily presented every year.

Published: 16:09 on Mar 20, 2015
Last Updated: 23:08 on Mar 24, 2015