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A quick update about volunteers needed for convention operations, a reminder about the Guest of Honour Dinner, and a reminder about finalising your membership badges.

Volunteering at Swancon

First a big thanks to those of you who have already got back to us and volunteered to help out at Swancon!

However we do need more help at and before the convention. is the email address of our volunteer coordination team!

Specifically we need help with “Bump in” (That’s setup for those of you who don’t speak convention!) If you are free and able to carry heavy things we need help on the Thursday ( 2/4/15) of the convention from 9am. This assistance not at convention but is only about a 20 min drive away (please note that you will need to have your own transport as its not all that close to public transit but could be walked it needed).

If you are able to help with this please contact us and we will give you the details of where you need to be! From 10:30 am we need people at the Pan Pacific to help setup so if you are available feel free to join us if you can.

Guests of Honour Dinner – Bookings Close This Wednesday!

A reminder to get in quick to secure your tickets to the Guests of Honour Dinner – the dinner itself is at 6:30pm on 1 April (the Wednesday before the con) but we need final numbers by 5pm this Wednesday 25 March. More information about the Guests of Honour Dinner is available on our website.

Membership Badges – Help Prevent Typos!

Is your first name not what you preferred to be called when you are at a convention? Are you better known by a Facebook name or your Twitter handle?
In order to ensure that your preferred name is on your enhanced, pre-registered badge when you come to pick it up on the day of the convention, you need to ensure your membership details are accurate by logging into the website and checking that the field “Badge Name” in your profile has what you would prefer to be called on the day.

Please note: pre-registered badge details must be finalised by 5pm Sunday 29 March, after that people who haven’t got a Badge Name in their pre-registered details can expect a less-awesome non-personalised desk-printed badge that defaults to their first name. Please direct any queries about memberships to – our team will attempt to help you out as fast as we can.

Best Wishes,

Swancon 2015 ConCom

Volunteering Goh dinner Badges
Published: 22:52 on Mar 22, 2015
Last Updated: 22:53 on Mar 22, 2015