Well known for his Whatever! blog, John Scalzi has taken the speculative fiction world by storm. He has been the president of the SFWA for three years, creating havoc and chaos where ever he goes.

Along with Mary Kowinal, Jim C Hines (Guest of Honour at Continuum this year), and a host of others, he has participated in a number of projects that directly critique and investigate sexism, misogyny and racism in the Speculative Fiction genre. Contentious, eloquent, outspoken and direct, John Scalzi is trouble in any one’s language.

One of the more interesting controversies John has helped foment has been the creation of the Insect Army. Many older writers in the Science Fiction Writers of America have unpopular views of the new writers who are now coming to prominence. In some of the email exchanges about the changing nature of the Speculative Fiction world, an author wrote that the new talent were like insects. Taking an insult and turning it into a badge of honour, John and Mary created the Insect Army, offering a community to those who may previously have felt silenced, othered and disregarded by the authoritive voices of SFF.

As well as the Insect Army, John has been a voice for many who previously have been under-represented in the SFWA. He has also won multiple awards (John W Campbell Best New Talent, Geffen Award, Hugo Award, Sien Award, Kurd-LaƟwitz-Preis Award, and an Audie Award), and been nominated for many more.

We welcome John Scalzi to help Swancon celebrate our 40th birthday. We are honoured to invite him as our Guest of Honour, and we are delighted at his acceptance. Please make him welcome at Swancon 2015!

Published: 17:20 on Apr 20, 2014
Last Updated: 20:55 on Jan 19, 2015