Helping to put Swancon 1 together, and being chairman. Now it seems like starting a little snowball at the top of a slope and watching it grow and thunder down the hill :) (An image more familiar in England where I was born, I guess.)

Being in an early masquerade as K9 inside 2 cardboard boxes painted grey. Apparently this appeared in some news or other on TV, but I never saw it.

Walking the entire Camino de Santiago by accident—when I started I didn’t even know the Camino existed.

More recently, last year in fact, creating, or reincarnating Her Supreme High-and-Mightiness, Alice. She dances in the wind. The full story with pictures and a film clip are on Facebook under the title ‘The Great Pteranodon Project’.

Published: 17:31 on Apr 20, 2014
Last Updated: 20:55 on Jan 19, 2015