Gaming Program: Ugg-Tect Royale ‘The Second Clubbing’

Thag great Ugg-Tect! Thag team build great star stone! Many watch Thag team. Bog team no one watch. Doog team watch because laugh. We not talk about Roga’s team. Or Roga, her club too big.
All tribes come watch. Come watch Thag team build better star stone. And laugh at Doog team.

What our good friend Thag is attempting to convey is that a second Ugg-Tect Royal will be showing at Swancon 40. This modification of the hilarious Ugg-Tect party game pits 4 highly skilled (mystified looks a specialty) along with their long suffering Ugg-Tects against each other in a race to complete megalithic monuments. While the audience and the Ugg-Tects know what the structure is meant to look like, the builders have no idea, and instructions are in strict caveman talk and gesture.

Leece & Rob are for looking for up to 16 participants with good communications skills and the ability to work in a small, tightly integrated team. They must be willing to provide endless looks of confusion, bafflement and frustration.

Word of the day: Konguku – “Make upper”
Gesture of the day: Tilt your head sideways “Yellow Piece”

Look for the sign up sheet at the front desk or the gaming room or contact Rob or Leece.

Training sessions will be available at Swancon and the Februaryand March WABA Mt Claremont meetings.

Gaming Program
Published: 13:46 on Feb 02, 2015
Last Updated: 13:46 on Feb 02, 2015