Gaming Program: Dixit Tournament

Games at Swancon – Dixit Tournament

How Well Do You Know People? Will your friend get that esoteric reference you were talking about just the other day? There will be a Dixit Tournament of an elimination round for up to 36 players followed by a final round for the winning six.

Dixit is a beautiful game with surreal, dreamlike cards. During the game the player selects a card, and indicates something about it or what it inspires to the other players without showing it to them. The other players choose cards from their hands that they think might also evoke this thing. The selected cards are all shuffled and laid out face up for players to vote on – which was the original card? Subtle, beautiful and described both as a party game for gamers and a gamer’s game for party gamers Dixit is a game everyone should try at least once. Preferably with a whole bunch of strangers and one person you know very well.

Look for the sign up sheet at the front desk or the gaming room or contact Rob or Leece.

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Published: 18:15 on Jan 28, 2015
Last Updated: 18:15 on Jan 28, 2015